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Weddings: Keeping Traditions Alive and Creating New Ones

Traditions are a way to relive memories, pass down gifts to new generations, and keep family in your heart. But have you thought about creating your own?

Rings: The Tradition

Rings are a symbol of your love for your significant other. This ring represents a lifelong bond of love and commitment between two people. A circle, which has no beginning and no end. The tradition is to wear your ring on your left index finger. Dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece, rings were worn on your left index finger because they believed there was a vein in this finger that went directly to the heart (science has since debunked the myth).

A Chinese theory is all about the representation of your past, present, and future. Look at your left hand: each finger represents the past, present, and future generations. Now...for the fun part! Place your hands together with your middle fingers bent and touching at the knuckles. Now, begin to pull each apart one at a time. Your thumbs come apart because you are not destined to be with your parents forever. Do the same with each finger. The finger that represents each generation will be able to separate, except the finger that represents your significant other - they are not able to part.

Rings: New Traditions

Although rings are a tradition that has held strong for years, there are always ways to make it a new tradition! One of the most unique things that I have seen are custom rings. I am not talking about diamonds stacked upon diamonds, but rings with special gemstones, glass from your first date, sand from the beach you are married, wood from your first home. No matter the style, shape, and kind of ring, the tradition is yours!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: The Tradition

A traditional rhyme that lists 4 "good luck" things for every bride.

Something Old - represents the couple's past.

Something New - Symbolizes their happy future.

Something Borrowed - Borrowed something from a married person hoping it will "rub off" on your marriage.

Something Blue - Blue represents fidelity and love.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: New Traditions

It has been around for a while, but incorporating items into your bouquet allows your tradition to stay alive, but allows you to see it at all times. When you are following the tradition, but wanting to make it yours, keep things that make you happy visible. Add a charm to your bouquet, a heart sewn into your train with your dad's favorite t-shirt, or even a small hairclip that is from your great-great grandma.

Bridal Bouquet: The Tradition

This tradition stemmed back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, but with a was all herbs! Way back then, it was common to have brides carry bouquets of garlic, dill, chives, and many other herbs and spices. Why? To ward off evil spirits. Thankfully, we have moved past that and now brides carry beautify bouquets of flowers. Fun fact, carrying flowers was a tradition that took popularity in 1840 with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's marriage. She carried a bouquet of snowdrops.

Bridal Bouquet: New Traditions

I don't foresee the tradition going anywhere soon, but make it your own. Add in your favorite flower for both your family and your significant other's family. Save your flowers by pressing and drying them - or, my personal favorite, use epoxy and turn your flowers into a table, jewelry, or a picture frame for your wedding. Flowers do not last a life time, but your pictures and small pieces is something special you can show the future generations.

The Cake: The Tradition

Again, another Ancient Rome tradition, but the tastiest one! Guest would brake a load of bread over the bride's head to symbolize fertility. After the bride and groom were covered in bread crumbs, they would share a few nibbles and the guests would grab at the crumbs for good luck. In England, the couple had to try to kiss over a stack of pastries. If they succeeded, is ensured a prosperous future.

I am sure you have also heard the tradition of saving the top tier for your one year anniversary...if not, here it is! The tradition started so you can relive your wedding on your first anniversary, but...cake doesn't always freeze well, so here are a few tips.

  1. Freeze the cake immediately for 2 hours uncovered.

  2. After 2 hours, remove and wrap the entire cake with freezer-safe plastic wrap.

  3. Once the tier is tightly wrapped, place it in a cake box.

  4. Wrap the cake box in the same plastic wrap.

  5. Place it back in the freezer.

The Cake: New Traditions

Cakes are so amazing, but so are cupcakes, donuts, pizza slices, cheesecake, and soooo much more! When creating a new tradition, think of what both of you like. Hate sweets? Do something like pizza or pie.

If you don't want to save a piece of your cake, make it a tradition to order a dessert from the same bakery every year and have a date. This allows you to go out and have time together while discussing your life goals, future asperations, and road bumps. I love this because there are always so many new flavors to choose from!

The Veil: The Tradition

Back in Ancient Rome, a bride would wear a veil down the isle to disguise herself from any evil spirits looking to ruin her wedding day. Veils come in many lengths, styles, and colors, but here are the 4 most popular.

  1. Blusher: A shorter veil style that grazes the bustline.

  2. Mantilla: A veil that is comprised of a circle of tulle and lace. Usually worn draped over the head, framing the face.

  3. Fingertip: Popular style, medium length veil which grazes your fingertips.

  4. Cathedral: Ranging from 9 to 25 feet.

The Veil: New Traditions

Whether to wear a veil or not is 100% your choice. As a photographer, I LOVE veils for shoots - they can add a lot to your photos, but can also become a nuisance to you. When it is windy, they blow and can easily fall out of your hair if not secured. Additionally, when giving hugs, veils are pulled on non-stop.

One tradition that I love is to wear the veil for pictures and the ceremony and remove it. After, use your veil to make an ornament, a baptism outfit, or something to remember your wedding for your future kiddos.

The Bridal Party: The Tradition

This tradition started in Ancient Rome (it seems a lot starts from there!). People would wear identical outfits because it was believed that evil spirits would attend the wedding in an attempt to curse the couple. To confuse the spirits, people would dress alike to act as decoys.

The Bridal Party: New Traditions

Now, people have their wedding party in many different things. Some are all the same color with different styles, some are the same style and different colors. Making your wedding party unique is all about your taste.

Whatever you decide, make sure the outfits are comfy enough to wear for an entire day...including your own!

Engagement Pictures: The Tradition

A tradition for a lot of couples is to take traditionally couple photos before your marriage. This started when newspapers would run photos to announce a pending marriage! These photos were often taken in studios with traditional poses. Most of the time, this was waste up shots that look good in newspapers.

Engagement Pictures: New Traditions

Use this time to capture you in a fun setting - love traveling? Set up pictures are a new location. Make a date out of everything. Engagement pictures is a time to be with each other, before your wedding. Make a tradition of getting couple portraits done every won't regret it! Plus, this allows you to get to know your photographer.

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