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Planning YOUR Senior Session

Planning your session can be stressful - use these tips & tricks to make your session memorable!

Senior sessions are my passion - so let me help you have the best one ever.

Choosing the RIGHT Photographer

Find someone that fits YOU! Your photographer is there to capture you and work with you - make sure you like what they do AND get along with them. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your photographer:

  1. What is the "style" you want in your pictures and does the photographer consistently have it?

  2. When do you want your pictures?

  3. How many outfits/hairstyles/sessions, etc. do you want?

Now for questions to ask your photographer...

  1. What does a normal senior session look like?

  2. How do I choose my pictures?

  3. Here is my inspiration photo schedule - what do you think?

Be Unique

One of the best things you can do for your senior session is be uniquely you. Don't be scared to show your photographer who YOU are - I promise, we will jump for joy!

Take time to think about how you can show off you - like candy, let's capture you in a candy store. What about skateboarding? Let's do it!

Whatever you plan, be you!

Get an Inspiration Collage for your Photographer

Pinterest can be your photographer's best friend or worst enemy. We LOVE to see your

inspiration, but have an open mind that some images take multiple things to happen - lighting, weather, wind, time of year, etc. Plus, no one wants a copy cat - like I said above - be you.

Bring Your "Loves"

One of the best things you can do is bring something special to your senior session. It can be your dogs, cats, cows, horse, or even your car! Whatever it is, BRING IT! These are the pictures that start to show off your! Love raising livestock, let's go to your pastures! Love racing, I will meet you at the motocross track. Whatever you love it, let's capture it.

Get Hair & Makeup Done

Your senior session is one of the only times it is all about you -

so make it extra special. A makeup artist knows how to apply makeup so it looks AMAZING in pictures. Not only will it make you feel amazing, but it allows you to be more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, when else do you get to have your makeup and hair done???

Have Fun

Make your senior session fun! Take your pet to the park, hang with your horses, stay cool in the water, jump for joy, fill up your pickup, or play your favorite sport - take your pictures doing something fun!

As a photographer, we love to have fun to. I always use "feeling" in every single session - so if you are having fun, I am too.


Make sure you set aside 5 minutes to take a picture with your parents and/or someone special! Your family will thank you <3 <3 <3


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