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10 Reasons You Need a Horse Drawn Carriage at Your Wedding

1. Pictures. I promise, the pictures will NOT disappoint! You, your family, your friends, your future kids, and everyone else will be in awe over these.

2. A moment alone! A lot of times, there is no alone time between bride and groom on your day until after the party is over. Get a carriage, grab these pictures, and go on a ride.

3. The flower girl/ring bearer. You will not see more joy or happiness on their faces when they get to dress as a prince or a princess AND go for a carriage ride.

4. Timelessness. There is something classic about a carriage ride on your wedding day.

5. Entrance. Instead of a "normal" entrance on your wedding day, just imagine rolling up in a carriage, your dad helps you down and begins walking you down the isle.

6. Entrance...but the reception. Normally everyone lines up outside the venue, but what if you brought the people outside to welcome you as "trot" over with an amazing horse?

7. Social hour. When guests are visiting and being social, the carriage can be there for romantic rides around the venue.

8. Memories. Whether it is a 5 minute ride alone or a 20 minute ride with your wedding party, the memories will last!

9. Make it a tradition. Use the tradition of a horse drawn carriage ride as your anniversary date each and every year. Pack a picnic, go to a bar, just take a ride at sunset. It doesn't matter, but I promise you will not regret it.

10. Kids. Do you have kids or will there be kids at your wedding? There is no better way to keep them entertained PLUS they will think you are a queen!!

Want to know how to get in contact with someone? Below are two local companies that are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have worked with both of them and you will not regret it!

River's Edge Gypsies

Red Lake Falls, MN

Point Paradise Stables

East Grand Forks, MN

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